spanish school in valencia

Are you moving to Spain and want to be able to chat with your neighbours?

Learn spanish online quickly

Are you ready to finally speak fluent Spanish?

Maybe you often come to Spain for holidays and you would like to speak correct Spanish.

Or it might be that you need to speak fluent Spanish for your work.

No matter what is YOUR reason,  I’m really happy that you have finally made up your mind to learn Spanish because I’m here to help you make your dream come true!

Learning a language should be fun

 I know how it feels to learn a new language, I myself learnt English and French with a lot of effort. 

Our own insecurities, the lack of time, the boring grammar exercises…

I hated all that! 

Since the first day I decided to become a Spanish teacher, I promised myself my method would be totally different from what I’ve experienced until then. The success of my students proves I’m getting there!

I believe learning a language should be fun, easy and efficient so students can progress fast and won’t quit out of boredom or frustration.

spanish school in valencia

My method: Customised lessons around your interests

The problem with language schools is that they follow a text book with the same boring exercises and situations.

Students in those schools have different interests and progress’ paces and all that make it very difficult to maintain one’s motivation.

The result: people eventually just quit.

With my personalised online classes, we will only talk about what interest you at your own pace.

Because it’s all about you.

You will be speaking Spanish from the very first moment and will progress much faster since you won’t have to listen to answers you already know.

Some people prefer more structured lessons, others more creative. I gamify every lesson as much as possible.

I use very visual material like games, music, short videos, recordings or interesting articles.

It all depend on you. I will adapt the method to your personal interests, so you can improve much faster.

You will learn the grammar without realising you’re actually studying because the exercises will be very practical with real life examples.

We will practice your conversation skills a lot, as well as your writing and reading skills, and we will make sure you don’t forget what you learnt by rehearsing previous lessons.

Online education was never so zen

My lessons take place in a virtual classroom.

This means that we will have the same kind of tools as if we were face to face, with the only difference that we need an internet connection.

We’ll see each other through the camera of your laptop or tablet, and we can talk to each other, write on the chat room, share documents and even write on a blackboard.

All this without having to download any complex software!

You just need to click on a link and Pop! We will be connected.

spanish school in valencia - Free Trial Class

You are one step away from finally speaking Spanish

Let's meet for 30 minutes

We will know each other, we will talk about your needs and interests, I will prepare some activities for you, and you could ask me more about the lessons or my teaching methods.

 This way you can get to know me and decide if you want me to be your private Spanish tutor. I’m looking forward to meeting you!!

 After the free class, if you decide you want to learn Spanish with me, you can check which package you prefer. I offer packages of 5, 10 and 20 lessons.

Once you have purchased your package we schedule a class, you can do so up to 24 hours before the class. No more stress in your life!

spanish school in valencia - Testimonials

Not sure yet? Read what other students say about me

Why AM Spanish lessons and no others online teachers?

spanish school in valencia

Do you want to get to know me better?

I was born in Valencia, a nice sunny town on the east coast of Spain where we speak a neutral Spanish.

I love travelling, teaching Spanish and learning languages: I have learned French, English, and Portuguese from zero, so I know how you feel as a beginner.

If you are curious here I tell you more about myself.

Try a free class with me and learn Spanish online at your own pace

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