Are you ready to speak fluent Spanish?


Are you moving to Spain and want to be able to chat with your neighbours?

Maybe you often come to Spain for holidays and you would like to speak correct Spanish.

Or it might be that you need to speak Spanish for your work.

No matter what is YOUR reason,  I’m really happy that you have finally made up your mind to learn Spanish because I’m here to help you make your dream come true!

Learn spanish from your home or office

My private Spanish lessons online

Spanish lessons online

General Spanish

Spanish to communicate in daily life​

Acquire the skills to interact in real-life situations! We will cover all the necessary aspects: grammar, vocabulary, communicative skills and cultural.
We will  complete the program for the A1 and A2 levels of MCER (Marco común europeo de referencia para las lenguas)

Have a look to the content program (Temario) for the levels A1 and A2 below and decide from where you think you should begin with. Remember that we can  always talk and negociate the content program.

Survival Spanish

Conversational spanish lessons​

Theses classes are focused on conversation. You will practice dialogues and role playing for specific real situations. For example: Order food in a restaurant, go to shopping, go to the doctor etc... You will feel more confident to face these situations in real life and you will learn vocabulary and expressions for the daily life.

Remember that we can always renegotiate the content of the lessons and add other situations that you prefer on our spanish lessons online.

Combo "Past Tenses"

Are you struggling with Past Tenses in Spanish?

We will focus in these past tenses:  Pretérito perfecto
pretérito indefinido
pretérito imperfecto. You can choose which tense do you prefer to learn and practice in each class and we can also practice de contrast between them.

How do you prefer to learn?
I customised my lessons for you and your style of learning, for example: You can learn the past tenses with conversation, vídeos, songs, games, interactive activities and others.

All my private lessons include...

Learn spanish with a native teacher

How is a Spanish online lesson with Amparo?

In this video I show you examples of my Spanish online classes with real students. In this way you can imagine how would be the lessons with me.

Remember every lesson is different because I make sure it 's customised for you.

Learn spanish from your home or office

What do I need to start learning Spanish online?

Learn spanish from anywhere

You need a computer with a built-in microphone (and/or camera). If you computer doesn’t have it you may need to purchase a microphone (and/or camera + headset). You also need a good internet connection.

Spanish classes online on skype

I usually use two free video-conference programs: SKYPE and ZOOM, but I prefer the second one because the quality connection is better, has a virtual dashboard and we can record the lessons if you want it.

Interactive lessons

Our main learning tool during the lessons will be GOOGLE DRIVE. it allows us to share the documents, to take notes during the lessons and you can access to your folders whenever you want.  However we will use also PDF documents, images and videos.

Try 1 on 1 free Spanish lesson with an experienced tutor

You are one step away from finally speaking Spanish

Let's meet us for a 30 minutes FREE TRIAL CLASS!

We will know each other, we will talk about your needs and interests, I will prepare some activities for you and  you could ask me more about the lessons or my teaching methods.

 This way you can get to know me and decide if you want me to be your private Spanish tutor. 

I’m looking forward to meet you!!