Learn beach vocabulary in Spanish

The summer is almost here!! Do you like Spanish beaches? … Learn beach vocabulary in Spanish and useful phrases to use with your family or Spanish friends. ¿Vamos a la playa?

Useful Spanish phrases at the beach

Este parece un buen sitio para clavar la sombrilla

This seems like a good spot to stick the parasol.

¿Dónde ponemos las toallas?

Where do we put the towels?

Hay bandera verde / amarilla / roja

There is a green / yellow / red flag

Hace mucho calor

It is too hot

¿vamos al agua?

Shall we go for a swim?

Yo te espero en el agua que me estoy muriendo de calor

I’ll wait for you in the water, I’m dying of heat

¿Me pones protector solar en la espalda, por favor?

Could you put sunscreen on my back, please?

¿Te apetece jugar un rato a las palas?

Do you feel like playing beach tennis a bit?

¿Te apetece caminar por la orilla?

Do you feel like walking along the seashore?

¿Vamos al chiringuito a tomar una cerveza?

Shall we go to the beach bar and have a beer?

Learn beach vocabulary in Spanish

Things you take at the beach

Spanish beach vocabulary
  • gafas de sol / sunglasses
  • chanclas / flip-flops
  • bañador / swimsuit
  • sombrero / hat
  • toalla / towel
  • bikini / bikini
  • protector solar / sun cream
Learn beach vocabulary in Spanish
  • sombrilla / parasol
  • hamaca / hammock
  • palas / paddles
  • colchoneta /inflatable lilo
  • flotador / float
  • gafas de bucear y tubo / mask and snorkel
  • pelota / inflatable ball
  • cubo, pala y rastrillo / bucket, shovel and rake

Learn beach vocabulary in Spanish

Things you find at the beach

Learn beach vocabulary in Spanish
  • orilla / seashore
  • arena / sand
  • mar / sea
  • ola / wave
  • sol / sun
  • socorrista / lifeguard
  • bañistas / swimmers
  • barco / ship
  • chiringuito / beach bar

Actions at the beach

Learn beach vocabulary in Spanish
  • bañarse / to bathe
  • caminar por la orilla / to walk along the seashore
  • tomar el sol / to sunbathe
  • hacer un castillo de arena / to build a sandcastle
  • nadar / to swim
  • hacer surf / to surf
  • jugar a vóley-playa /to play beach volleyball
  • bucear / to snorkel / to dive

Learn beach vocabulary in Spanish

Let’s practice with EXERCISES



Complete these dialogues at the beach


¿Y tú? ¿Qué objetos llevas cuando vas a la playa?

¿Qué actividades haces en la playa?

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