The family in Spanish

How to talk about your family in Spanish

How is your family? Do you have brothers or cousins? In today’s lesson, you will learn to talk about your family in Spanish. You will know the basic vocabulary of the family members, and you will practice with interactive exercises. Ready?

How to talk about your family in Spanish

Soy Blanca

Te presento a mi familia: Tengo dos hermanos, Eva y Daniel. Mi madre se llama Carolina y mi padre Alfredo. Por parte de madre tengo dos tíos: el tío Antonio y la tía Ana. Por parte de padre tengo dos primos: Guillermo y Susana. Sus padres, Paco y Carmen, son mis tíos. Mis abuelos se llaman Nicolás y Enrique, y mis abuelas se llaman María y Rosa.

Hermana + hermano = hermanos
sister + brother = siblings
Madre + padre = padres
Mother + father = parents
Tío + Tía = Tios
Oncle + aunt = uncle and aunt
Primo + prima = primos
cousin + cousin = cousins
Abuelo + abuela = abuelos
grandfather + grandmother = grandparents
Family in Spanish

Tengo dos sobrinos: Ricardo y Sara, hijos de mi hermana Eva.

Mi marido se llama Tomás. Tenemos dos hijos: Mar y Juanjo. Mar no tiene hijos, pero Juanjo sí. Tenemos dos nietos: Mi nieto Lucas y mi nieta, Aitana.

Mi nuera se llama Susana, es la esposa de mi hijo Juanjo.

Mi Yerno se llama Samuel, es el marido de mi hija Mar.

Tengo dos cuñados: Carlos, el marido de mi hermana y Begonia, la hermana de mi marido.

Sobrino + sobrina = sobrinos
Nephew + niece = nephews and nieces
Hijo + hija = hijos
Son + daughter = children
Nieto + nieta = nietos
Grandson + granddaughter = grandchildren
Marido o esposo = husband
Nuera = daughter-in-law
Yerno = son-in-law
Cuñado + cuñada = cuñados
Brother-in-law + sister-in-law =
brother-in-law and sister-in-law
Suegra = mother-in-law
Suegro = father-in-law

How to talk about your family in Spanish


Learn the vocabulary about the family in Spanish with these interactive exercises.



Look at this family tree and, complete the sentences below.


Look at this family tree and complete the sentences below.

Congratulations! Now you know how to talk about your family in Spanish!

Do you dare to tell me a little about your family in the comments?

For example: How many brothers and sisters do you have?

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