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How to speak about preferences in Spanish: The verb to prefer in Spanish

In this post, you will learn how to express your preferences with the verb to prefer in Spanish: «Preferir»

You will practice the conjugation with exercises, and you can write in comments what your preferences are.

¿Qué prefieres perros o gatos?

The verb to prefer in Spanish

Yo prefiero los gatos, porque son muy inteligentes, elegantes y sensibles.

I prefer cats because they are very inteligents, elegants and sensitives.

¿Y tú? / and you?

Me gustan ambos, perros y gatos pero prefiero los perros.

I like both dogs and cats, but I prefer dogs.

The verb to prefer in Spanish

To express preferences in Spanish, we use the verb «preferir»

The verb to prefer in Spanish

The conjugated verb to prefer usually is followed by a noun in singular or plural or an infinitive verb:

– Yo prefiero la playa (singular noun)

– Ella prefiere los perros ( plural noun)

– Tú prefieres escribir mensajes de texto  (infinitive verb)

The verb «preferir» is irregular in the present tense.

Is irregular in (yo, tú, él, ella, ellos). The second «e» of «preferir» becomes «ie» 

Is regular in (nosotros, vosotros) The second «e» of «preferir» it doesn’t change.

The verb to prefer in Spanish

Others irregulars verbs with the vowel change «e<ie» that you should know it…

QUERER –  to love, to want.

PENSAR –  to think

CALENTAR – to heat

ENTENDER – to understand

SENTIR – to feel

CERRAR – to close

EMPEZAR – to start

Do you want to practice these irregular verbs? Click in this link:

The irregular present tense: Vowel changes.

The verb to prefer in Spanish

Let’s practice with these exercises


Fill in the blanks with the right form of the conjugated verb «preferir»


¿Y tú qué prefieres, tomar té o tomar café?

¿Por qué?

Write your answer in comments 😉


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