At the doctor's office in Spanish

At the doctor’s office in Spanish

Do you need to go to the doctor’s office in Spain? In this post we are going to learn and practice how to express, and understand At the doctor’s office in Spanish. We will see a conversation between doctor and patient, Spanish vocabulary related to illnesses and symptoms and interactive exercises. Happy learning!!

At the doctor’s office in Spanish

Conversation and vocabulary

At the doctor's office

The doctor’s office: La consulta del médico

Médico/a: Doctor

Paciente: Patient

¿Qué le pasa?: What is wrong?(formal)

¿Qué te pasa? : What is wrong? (friendly)

No estoy bien: I don’t feel well

Vamos a ver: Let’s see

Respira profundamente: Breathe deeply

Abre la boca: Open the mouth

Saca la lengua y di aaah: Stick out your tongue and say «ahhh.» 

No es nada grave: It isn’t serious

Estás resfriado: You have a cold

Tienes que tomar estas pastillas: You have to take these tablets

Tienes que tomar este jarabe: You have to take this syrup

Debes descansar: You should rest

Cuídate: Take care

At the doctor’s office in Spanish

Illnesses and symptoms vocabulary in Spanish

Illnesses and symptoms
At the doctor's office in Spanish

Síntomas: Symptoms

Enfermedad: Illness

Tengo fiebre: I have fever / a temperature

Tengo tos: I have a cough

Tengo nauseas: I feel nauseous

Tengo dolor de cabeza: I have a headache

Tengo dolor de garganta: I have a sorethroat

Me duele la espalda: My back hurts

Me duele el estómago: My stomach hurts

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Illnesses and symptoms in Spanish
At the doctor's office

Estoy enfermo/-a: I am ill /sick

Estoy constipado/-a, resfriado/-a: I have a cold

Estoy estreñido/-a: I am constipated

Estoy mareado/-a: I feel dizzy / sick

Me duelen los oidos: My ears hurt

Me duelen los pies: My feet hurt

Me duelen las muelas: My back teeth hurt

At the doctor’s office in Spanish




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